America Supports Muslims

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America Supports Muslims
by: Murad Ali
Many Muslims have come to associate America with the “great Satan” and the “strong arm of Israel”. Yet few Muslims realize that America is also a friend of Muslims peoples and countries. That doesn’t make America their best friend or even their close friend but a distant friend who helps them to achieve noble goals.

Take for example an interview by a leading Islamic scholar, “America – both its administration and its people – is not hostile to Islam or Muslims. On the contrary: the American people is more welcoming of Islam than any other people. The Islamic community [there] numbers over eight million, and there are hundreds of mosques, Islamic centers, associations, and organizations that serve Islam. Islam's situation in America is good, and every day it gains new ground and new hearts. (1.)"

The truth is that within the U.S. borders Muslims have done very well. They are doctors, engineers, business owners, teachers, truck drivers and much more. Muslim families earn more money than other American families and retain a higher level of education. Furthermore, they have the right to practice their religion how they see fit with no interference from the government. Certainly, this is much better than what we find in France or Russia where local Muslims are either marginalized or battered by military forces.

America has supported Muslims with financial aid in many situations. For example, they sided against Britain, France and Israel during the Suez War, they helped liberate Kuwait and have spent billions in foreign aid. If Israel wasn’t kept in check they would have not only completed genocide against the Palestinians but also taken much of the regional resources. That doesn’t mean Israel isn’t a major benefactor of U.S. support but that there is a larger world than that can be found outside the Israeli-Arab conflict.

“The American ultimatum [to Britain, France, and Israel] during the Suez War [1956]; The liberation of Kuwait; The agreements of defense of the Gulf from regional dangers and greedy aspirations; America's aid to Egypt over 25 years, which reached $52 billion. After the September 11 attacks, the U.S. supported the Egyptian economy with another billion dollars. Furthermore, American investments are among the highest of foreign investments in Arab countries, and America's weapons sales to Arab countries are very large-scale – the recent deal with Saudi Arabia alone was worth $2.4 billion. (1)"

The financial realm is not the only way in which America supports Muslims. Worldwide protests over the printing and reprinting of cartoons designed to insult Muslims quickly spread across the headlines. The situation was furthered by the Danish lack of humility when it comes to insulting Muslims. Rightfully so Muslims rallied to the cause and made it known that such abuse will not be tolerated. Which side did American pitch its tent?

Take the following statement from State Department spokesman, “These cartoons are indeed offensive to the belief of Muslims”. Another spokesman Sean McCormack announced publicly, “Anti-Muslim images are as unacceptable as anti-Semitic images, as anti-Christian images or any other religious belief (2)".

The American government understood that Muslims have a right to practice their faith and not be battered by every fanatic under the sun. They took a risk and condemned a number of the allies simply because they were acting unethically and throwing their bigotry for the world to see.

Still we are left wondering why many Muslims believe that America is out to destroy them. In order to answer these questions we must look at the lives of Muslims residing within the U.S. A random sample of over 1,800 American Muslims indicate that 51% of them feel it is a good time to live in America (3). They feel that the U.S. Administration supports them and accommodates their religious beliefs. They have much more freedom than some of their overseas brothers and sisters.

A country that financially supports Muslims, verbally sympathizes with their issues and treats its Muslim can’t be all that bad. Muslims shouldn’t define an enemy by what radical Imams and Ayatollah’s say.
About The Author
Murad Ali is a two-time published author and the editor of the Muslim Times at


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