Tauhid Ibadah Or Uluhiyyah
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Tauhid Ibadah or Uluhiyyah

Defined is that all worship is for Allah [swt] completely. It ought only be for Allah [swt] for it is a mandatory right of Allah that worship be directed only towards Allah [swt] obligatory upon the worshipers, the slaves of Allah.

It is forbidden to make partners with Allah, to associate from Allah’s creation a creation with Him in worship of Him [swt]. None of His [swt] creation is worthy or deserving of worship or to be including in acts of worship as objects of worship that position is reserved only for Allah [swt]. Worship ought be sincerely directed particularly and singularly to Allah [swt] all of worship ought be only reserved for Allah [swt].

Works of the heart [amaal al qulub] or worship of the heart—Love for Allah sincerely and Glorification and fear and hope, humility and abasing oneself before Allah, aspiring and dread, Allah consciousness[taqwa] and reverence, reliance and dependence, repentance, contrition, patience and thankfulness, submission and contentment are all works of the heart.


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